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Our quality to your needs.

Our regulatory affairs team keeps track of the ever-changing legislations in all the regions in which the company intends to market the product. We consider abiding by regional regulatory requirements, as a step forward towards safety and success. Our proficiency in documentation & regulatory filing process enables quality management & smooth dossier submission across different markets.

As a part of our full range, Molecule-to-Cure promise, Kenshrine has a team of experts dedicated to delivering the highest quality support and assistance in securing regulatory approvals. We carefully monitor and care for the needs of our customers’ portfolio and ensure that the highest standards are followed in all we do. Our Regulatory Affairs team comes with comprehensive expertise, along with quality and accuracy assurances for all regulatory procedures.

Our company has reached a high standard of quality based on a number of quality management values, strong customer focus, strong infrastructure, highly skilled & technical staff, and committed management. All projects undergo scientific, editorial, and quality control review.